This 3600m² exhibition has been designed with the specific aim of being respectful; of scientific research without leaving aside the delightful, entertaining side of nature’s evolution. Includes more than 45 roaring, moving, life-sized dinosaurs distributed in 12 scenes, as well as 2 skeletons and 7 dinosaurs in the interactive area.

Its main objective is for the audience to live and share a unique experience, one that is just more exciting and moving than visiting a museum because of the breathless landscapes and scenarios that recreate prehistoric animal life.

These breathtaking dinosaurs are built under strict requirements. This means that we choose each species quantities, sizes, movements, and routines following the professional advice of our palaeontology team. The dinosaurs that is presented at the exhibitions move many parts of their bodies; some of them even move their eyes, tongues and fingers depending on the interaction between the species that has been laid out for each scene. While first planning the exhibition, the main concerns revolved around two very important lined: making it fun and engaging, but also paying due to relevant and up-to-date scientific research.

Other Activities included in ticket priceDays of the dinosaur
Cinema 3D
The film portrays a trip back into the very first days of the creation of the universe, starting with the well-known Big Bang explosion, and then moves through different periods, making a stop at the time when dinosaurs ruled the earth.

The movie lasts 25 minutes and we provide 3D glasses to enhance the experience.

Dino Drawing
We have designed drawing tables with different dinosaur species in high relief, so kids will be able to copy each of them, taking their own drawings as a free present from the exhibition.

Dino Sandbox
We plan to create an area that resembles the place where paleontologists daily discover fossil remains. With this activity we encourage children to further their instinctive sense of curiosity.

Excavation Zone
The reconstruction of each dinosaur is the result of the hard work, patience, and study of the team of experts, as paleontologists, archeologists, and geographers. This area will display their methods, studies and discoveries.

Interactive Dinos
All visitors will enjoy interacting with the scale models of some of the dinosaurs that they have seen during the exhibition. By pressing different buttons, dinosaurs will move, scream, or perform both actions at the same time.

Activities at an extra cost
Dino Ride (R10)
This is a fascinating activity for kids under 3. A walk through a defined area on the Anklysaurus for 3minutes will be something kids will always remember.

Dino photo (R50)
All visitors will have the chance to take a photo with the triceratops or a Tyrannosaurus Rex model. The photo comes in a frame with a design of a dinosaur and is given as a souvenir with the picture.

Dino face paint (R40)
Look like a dinosaur with amazing designs.

Dino Shop
We have a huge variety of gifts that people can buy as a way of remembering their visit and encounter with our prehistoric beasts.