It?s the start of the Easter Weekend and many motorists will be on the road making their way to their holiday destinations all around South Africa.

Before you start your journey with your family, take a few minutes to do a simple walk around inspection and then an engine inspection.

With the walk around inspection, you are checking the wiper blades, lights and the wheels.

– Wiper blades – you are looking to see if the material is soft and that it doesn?t have any cracks or it has separated from the holding. A good wiper blade will give you good visibility while you are driving through those potential down pours.

– Lights – you will check if the indicators, headlights and brake lights are working properly. It?s always a good idea to have the headlights checked for the correct alignment in order to have optimum lighting while driving on the roads and not blinding the driver on the oncoming lane.

– Tyres – check tyres for excessive or uneven wear and the tyre pressure is correct. Make sure that the tyres are road worthy and that you and your family will be safe.

– The engine inspection is to check fluid levels, belts and pipes and battery connections.

– Fluid levels – make sure that you check the engine oil, brake fluid, radiator cooler and the windscreen washer fluid levels are all correct, if not make sure you top up to the correct levels and keep extra in the boot of your car in an emergency while travelling.

– Belts and Pipes – make sure all the belts are not cracking and tearing and that they are sitting correctly in the engine. Check the pipes for any leaks, if any loose clamps and that they are correctly fitted to the right areas.

– Battery Connections – make sure the battery terminals are clear of any corrosive build up. The terminals must be sitting correctly on the battery and that the battery is well mounted on to the car and will not move around while you drive.

Once you are on the road and making your way to your destination, take a few things into consideration while driving.

– Obey the road rules at all times
– Do not over load
– Have a good rest before embarking on your journey
– Take a break every 200km or every 2hrs
– Do not drink and drive
– Drive with your head light on this increases your visibility
– Always wear your seatbelt and check to see if everybody else in the car is wearing theirs.
– Be alert on weather conditions.
– Stay within the speed limits at all times, your destination is not going anywhere.
– Try and avoid driving after dark.
– Stay focused at all times, looking out for potentially dangerous drivers and pedestrians alongside the road. If possible avoid them at all times.
– If you are travelling with children, try and keep them entertained with different games and make sure that they are having fun while in the car with you,
– Make sure you let your loved ones know where you staying and that you got there safely.