Welcome to the Original Retirement Expo 2012
The second annual Retirement Expo will take place from 26 ? 28 October 2012, at the Coca-Cola dome in Northriding, Johannesburg.

The original Retirement Expo is not only for retirees, or for those nearing retirement, but for all who ultimately plan to reward their decades of hard work with a well-planned and inspired retirement lifestyle.

From retirement planning and lifestyle services, travel operators, healthcare products and services, fitness options and even hobbies for retirees to mid care and frail care facilities – we have all manner of exhibitors ready to engage with this market.

For most people retirement is the ultimate goal, the reward for a lifetime of hard work. However, with a fluctuating economy and countless other unpredictable variables, it is infinitely worthwhile to plan conscientiously and well in advance to help ensure a happy and meaningful retirement.

The Retirement Expo presents a platform of top-notch exhibits, interactive workshops and visitor entertainment. It will feature interactive areas devoted to fitness and hobbies, as well as step-by-step guidance on how to prepare for the most active, healthy, secure and, most importantly ? an inspired retirement.

Visitors will find advice, inspiring ideas, entertainment, expert information, special offers and opportunities to shop all in one convenient place.

It?s never too early to plan for an inspired retirement or too late to change your life and rediscover your purpose!